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Protected: Behold the (Other) Man! Looking for Pilate 2: Naples, Palazzo Pitti

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Protestants and Pyramid

The pyramid of Cestius, built in the first century, is the first thing you see when you get off the bus at Porta San Paolo in Testaccio. Crossing the cobblestone street, you go down the road to the right to … Continue reading

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Behold the (Other) Man! Looking for Pilate 1: Rome, Scala Sancta

I have begun to work on a project about Pontius Pilate, that classical character plopped suddenly down into the Passion narrative, and the only human individual (besides Mary) singled out in the Creed. The scope of the project is still … Continue reading

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Notes on Hadrian’s Villa

 From the parking lot and ticket office, it’s a long, gradual hike up into Hadrian’s Villa, which is not actually in Tivoli but just outside it. Driving is really the best way to get here, although I did see one … Continue reading

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Inscriptions in Sutri

In the town hall of Sutri, one sees many an ancient inscription cemented into the walls. Somewhere, sometime, somebody on the world-wide web will care about these, and so, my friend, this is for you.                     

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Facing Demons in Etruria

Out to Fiumcino airport I went, thinking it would be easier to deal with a car rental there and get on to the E80 to Cerveteri and Tarquinia to look at the Etruscan tombs. Alas, Avis at FCO was an … Continue reading

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The Most Dantean Thing I Saw in Florence

… was not Dante’s house, although I admired that it was on Via Dante Aligheri, and appreciated that the quotations from the Commedia carved in stone and set into the nearby buildings. Inside the Casa is a Museo that, at … Continue reading

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Through Transpadene Gaul by Rail

I was on my way to Lausanne from Milan by train, and instead of reading the book I had with me, decided to look on the window instead. There’s not too much to see at first.  The trainyard isn’t all … Continue reading

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Some Gestures Observed

As everyone knows, Italians have a lively language of gesture. A few I observed, in context, during this recent trip: 1. Get Lost Hand Chop. I was on a train when a woman got on and systematically handed out pieces … Continue reading

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A Foot and a Finger in Milan

Finding myself with a few hours in Milan between trains, I made a bee-line for the famous cathedral. Out of the subway I came and… Ecce Duomo!   It’s an astounding place, it’s white marble exterior covered with sculpture, and its … Continue reading

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