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Good and faithful servant

A much-reproduced picture from the recent funerary ceremonies for George H.W. Bush shows the former President’s service dog, Sully, lying before his master’s casket. It’s hard not to choke up a little seeing Sully, the very soul of to-the-last fidelity. … Continue reading

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Dead Armadillo

It was easier to see in the morning than it had been last night, when I swerved a little to avoid hitting it, the face-up dead armadillo on the street. The dogs and I walked by early today, and it … Continue reading

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Hunters, 5 a.m.

For no good reason, I’m up before dawn and go into the living room to look out the window. Through the clouds the stars can be made out here and there. My dogs stir but I don’t let them out. … Continue reading

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Hrothgar’s Grave

Go behind Bairnwick, toward a small stand of oaks and the swamp leading to Stirling’s, and you will see the gravestone of Hrothgar. Who was Hrothgar, you ask?  He was an English bulldog, much beloved in Sewanee over half a … Continue reading

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Goodbye Little Yellow House

The dogs and I were out for our morning constitutional a few weeks ago, and the air was full of a slow cranking whirr, not loud but not soft exactly, the source of which revealed itself as we turned on … Continue reading

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Teeny Weeny Circus

Dogwood Festival, Winchester (TN), 2012.  Right after I took this picture, a woman walked by with a dog on a leash. Pandemonium ensued. The clown tried to get his dogs to stop barking, without success. It was so much more … Continue reading

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Of Time and the River

“No man knew whom to trust, and gloomy suspicions even of his friends settled upon every man’s heart.”  So wrote Jeremiah Clemens of northern Alabama during its bitter occupation 150 years ago, as was noted in today’s New York Times … Continue reading

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