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Tiresias, Throbbing Between Two Lives

Next week, I will be teaching the story of Tiresias in my Mythology class here in Sewanee.  Two recent items of local connection will be informing my lecture–a documentary and discussion at St. Andrew’s-Sewanee school, and an op-ed in today’s … Continue reading

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Stations of the Cross

It’s Good Friday, and in Sewanee that means that at noon a large cross will be slowly carried from the School of Theology to All Saints’ Chapel by various members of the university and community.  Following the Way of the … Continue reading

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Sea and Stars

In my musings about the nighttime sky, underwater archaeology usually does not play much of a part, but two reports this week offer a lot for a backyard astronomer like myself to consider. For starters, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos reported … Continue reading

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Considering Caesar

To consider is, according to a likely etymology, “to observe the stars.”  Today is the Ides of March, and tonight Comet PANSTARRS can be seen in the sky.  It’s a good time to consider Caesar, I guess. The fault, dear Brutus, … Continue reading

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Meh & Mezza Mezza

Lately the answer to many questions I ask my son is “meh.” It’s become sort of his motto. I even got him a “meh” shirt, which he likes. According to Urban Dictionary, “meh” conveys indifference, being a “verbal equivalent of … Continue reading

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Behind the Times in Sewanee

This past Sunday morning, I went up into Breslin Tower here in Sewanee to watch the clock being re-set for Daylight Savings Time. Keith Henley, who has been overseeing the clock for the past two years and seems to know … Continue reading

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Quelle Heure Est-Il?

In a few short hours, we will lose an hour, through no fault of our own, and the sense of its loss will be dismissed in the name of some greater, more convenient good.  I realize that it’s straying into … Continue reading

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