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Canis Major

It was cold but clear on Sunday night as I took out the trash and, as has become traditional, the dog rushed out with me for one last run around in the woods. She disappears into the dark but can … Continue reading

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Liesegang Bands Not Fossils

We were out hiking one day last spring when I decided to rest on a large boulder while the boys played in a nearby stream.  As I got ready to sit down, I noticed some formations in the rock, pictured … Continue reading

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Adventures in Etymology! Cacafuego

What story could be a more stirring one than Sir Francis Drake’s capture of a treasure-laden galleonoff the coast of Ecuador in 1579?  What could be more thrilling to imagine than the great aerial dogfights between the Luftwaffe and English … Continue reading

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Some Jars in Tennessee

In the woods behind my house there is a bunch of junk.  Railroad ties, rusty oil drums, the top of a washing machine with an attached wringer, et cetera, all of it old, haphazardly deposited, and overgrown with moss.  My … Continue reading

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Testa dell’Efebo

Last fall, Humanities magazine published an essay I wrote about the relationship between a poem by Tennessee Williams and a statuette the playwright had once owned, now here in Sewanee.  Both are pasted below. Testa dell’ Efebo Of Flora did … Continue reading

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“Redheads Mean Trouble”

Sometime back in the 90’s, my wife found this old notebook that had belonged to my mother as a schoolgirl.  In it are several chapters of a murder-mystery she had written called “Redheads Mean Trouble.” I’m not sure how old … Continue reading

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