Canis Major

It was cold but clear on Sunday night as I took out the trash and, as has become traditional, the dog rushed out with me for one last run around in the woods. She disappears into the dark but can be heard barking at the deer one last time before bed.  With the leaves off the trees, the stars are more easily seen in the winter, and I was glad for that on Sunday, because I was able to just catch sight of Canis Major, who trails behind Orion.

Canis Major


The great Overdog
That heavenly beast
With a star in one eye
Gives a leap in the east.

He dances upright
All the way to the west
And never once drops
On his forefeet to rest.

I’m a poor underdog,
But to-night I will bark
With the great Overdog
That romps through the dark.

–Robert Frost (1925)

About Uncomely and Broken

I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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