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Baguette and Oosik

So, Julia Child and the baguettes.  One time on “The French Chef,” in order to show how great a difference there is between a hand-made baguette and a mass produced one,  Julia simply held up examples of each.  The store-bought … Continue reading

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Robert E. Lee on eBay (After Juvenal)

I saw this item for auction on eBay, and it made me think of a passage from Juvenal’s Tenth Satire.  In the original Latin poem, Juvenal speaks about Hannibal, the Carthaginian leader who crossed the Alps to invade Italy. When … Continue reading

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“If You Could Read My Mind, Love”

A week before he died, Johnny Cash went into the studio to record a number of songs, among them a cover of the 70s song, “If You Could Read My Mind, Love,” for the album to be entitled  American V: … Continue reading

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Poised Midway Between Dark and Light

The spring equinox arrived just after 1 this morning, a little early because of Leap Year.  The uncommon warmth of the winter had nothing to do with it, I see in the newspaper, and yet it seems a little hopeful.  … Continue reading

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Horseshit versus Bullshit

What is the difference between bullshit and horseshit?  I just listened to Ira Glass confront Mike Daisey, who had given a deliberately erroneous account of Apple’s factory conditions in China on This American Life, so I guess the topic is … Continue reading

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The Ides of March Coin

It was on March 15th, 44 BC–the Ides of March–that Julius Caesar was killed, stabbed to death by a group of senators, many his friends.  This is well-known from Shakespeare, of course, as is the fact that it was his … Continue reading

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Venus and Jupiter

Visible in the Western sky this week, for those of us in North  America, will be an especially stunning conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter.  The two planets will come within 3 degrees of each other just after twilight … Continue reading

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