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Thud & Blunder (1964)

A safety-training cartoon from 1964 produced by the British National Coal Board

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Antigone in Sewanee 1894

Various Notices on the Sewanee Production of Antigone of 1894 “Loftier than this devotion to the legitimate, semi-legitimate, and wholly illegitimate drama, is the success on the stage of the students of the Greek department, who, under the direction of … Continue reading

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“Thoroughly Useless Nation”: Mommsen on the Irish

From Theodor Mommsen (trans. William P. Dickson) History of Rome, Vol. 4 (London 1867), Book 5, Chapter 7, pp. 286-87 (link here) Mind you, an edition of this work won a fucking Nobel Prize for Literature in 1902 In the … Continue reading

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Domine ne in furore tuo arguas

These images are take from the recently-recovered Fauquier Book of Hours, on which my friend and colleague Greg Clark is an expert, as discussed in the video below. The scene illustrated is from Psalm 6, the opening of which is … Continue reading

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Tim’s Ford notes

This is just a page on which I intend to stick things I find out about Tim’s Ford lake. Other links:  

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Modern origins of the manly-man Roman fore-arm handshake

Evidently, men did not say hello and goodbye in antiquity as Basil Sydney and Stewart Granger are doing so below in 1953’s Salome, with a firm grip on one another’s forearms.   Whence the mutual clasping of radius and ulna? … Continue reading

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“The Hitler Gang”

In the course of writing my book about film, I’ve come across some odd things, one of which is a 1944 pseudo-documentary made by Paramount called “The Hitler Gang.” This film, a piece of wartime propaganda, tells the story of … Continue reading

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