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Hecuba’s Mother

A review from 2003 of two new books of Greek myth. I don’t remember writing it and I know it was never published.  The Emperor Tiberius used to like to play a trick on the professors who made up a … Continue reading

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Foulke (P) to Mientkewicz (1B) for the final out of the 2004 World Series

He knew what he held in his hand. Gingerly he removed the ball from his glove, took it in hand, and looked intently at Doug Mientkewicz, standing at first base.  They exchanged a glance, and if they thought of Bill … Continue reading

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Aeschylus Libation Bearers discussion questions

Libation Bearers: Discussion Questions Note:  Chorus of captive serving women Time Seven years after the murder of Agamemnon Scene Argos, before Agamemnon’s tomb Structure Fagles’pages Fagles’ lines (Grk lines) Part pp. 177-178 1-26F (1-21) Prologue pp. 178-180 26-82F (22-82) Parados … Continue reading

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Aeschylus Eumenides discussion questions

Aeschylus, EUMENIDES Note the strange choral activity in this play Places Apollo’s temple at Delphi;  later, the Acropolis, and then the Areopagus in Athens Time Shortly after the murder of Clytemnestra Structure Fagles’pages Fagles’ lines (Grk lines) Part pp. 231-233 … Continue reading

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Aeschylus, Agamemnon teaching notes

  AESCHYLUS: ORESTEIA   Agamemnon:  Discussion Questions   How to proceed?  Read the play first, familiarizing yourself with the plot and the major thematic points.  Then go back through it slowly, taking into account the following questions (and coming up … Continue reading

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Daniel/Amos/Jonah: discussion questions

Some old discussion questions for an Honors class at Boston College on the prophets Daniel The Book of Daniel is set explicitly during the Babylonian Captivity, that 400-year period when the Israelites were forcibly removed from the Promised Land to … Continue reading

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Notes on Ovid’s Fasti 1.1-288

These are some notes I made for a class I taught over two decades ago at Boston College on Ovid’s Fasti, his epic poem on the Roman calendar,  At that time, there wasn’t a good commentary on Book 1, although … Continue reading

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