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“Naked We Stand on the Naked Ground”

I have been cleaning out my office and found this item among some papers I had inherited when I became chair.  It is poem about Statius’ Thebaid by my former colleague and well-loved Sewanee Classics professor, Bill Bonds.  It is … Continue reading

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Protected: Concerning Flowers and Soldiers

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Leda in the News

In connection with a recent auction at Sotheby’s, there’s a piece on the arte10 website today about the colored steel panels of Leda and the Swan that pop artist Roy Lichtenstein made for the bathroom in gazillionaire Gunter Sachs’s penthouse … Continue reading

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The Hills of Sewanee

The Hills of Sewanee Sewanee Hills of dear delight, Prompting my dreams that used to be, I know you are waiting me still to-night By the Unika Range of Tennessee. The blinking stars in endless space, The broad moonlight and … Continue reading

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Venus, Vulcan, Mars, and Joe

Aphrodite was married to Hephaestus, but carried on a long-standing affair with Ares.  Neither god was happy, of course, with the idea of the goddess being with the other. What are we to make of it?  On the one hand, … Continue reading

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Currency & Current Events

“If Greece leaves the euro, the most likely interim currency is the existing euro overprinted with a Greek delta symbol (for ‘drachma’), or possibly with a corner clipped.”  So speculated yesterday’s Independent.  The intentional defacing, or rather “re-facing,” of currency … Continue reading

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Sappho’s Supermoon

A few days ago, I posted a piece about a Homeric passage that the recent supermoon reminded me of.  But I’ve just realized that there is a description by Sappho, in a short poem not entirely complete, that I like … Continue reading

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Vos Salutamus

My chief duty on graduation weekend in Sewanee is to coach the salutatorian on the Latin address.  The Commencement ceremony on Sunday begins with greetings in turn to the Chancellor and the Episcopal bishops whose dioceses own the university, the … Continue reading

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O Swallow, Swallow

My friend David Haskell asked his students on their Ornithology final, “If you could come back as a bird, which species would you choose and why?”   As I responded in the Comments section of his blog, my choice would be Hirundo … Continue reading

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Tonight’s “supermoon” puts me in mind of a passage from the Iliad.  A long day’s battle has been raging outside the walls of Troy, but by the end of Book Eight, the Trojans have taken the field and determinedly set … Continue reading

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