“Redheads Mean Trouble”

Sometime back in the 90’s, my wife found this old notebook that had belonged to my mother as a schoolgirl.  In it are several chapters of a murder-mystery she had written called “Redheads Mean Trouble.” I’m not sure how old she was at the time but I would guess she was perhaps twelve.  As can see, though, her vocabulary was excellent, as was her penmanship.  I’ve posted the introduction and list of characters below, with transcript following.  Perhaps I will post more of it in the future.



  1. Celia Milling (Med. Sized)(Murderer)
  2. Marcia Milling (Tall)
  3. Gloria Milling (Small)

Corpse Heiress

4.  Lydia Milling


About 1949


Long Island

“Redheads Mean Trouble”


When a wealthy millionaire divides his will into four parts between three redheads and a brunette it surely means trouble. And we are evermore convinced when the brunette is found, smothered to death in a trunk in the attic of the Milling Mansion, therefore one redhead must be a murderer.  Each one has a motive yet each one has a alibi which adds more excitement to our mystery. All these clues and women help Paul Lane solve an interesting and hair-raising murder by Margaret Donahue.

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I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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