“The Hitler Gang”

The-Hitler-Gang-Poster.jpgIn the course of writing my book about film, I’ve come across some odd things, one of which is a 1944 pseudo-documentary made by Paramount called “The Hitler Gang.” This film, a piece of wartime propaganda, tells the story of Hitler’s rise with actors playing the parts of Goebbels, Goering, Mussolini, Rudolf Hess, etc. All in all, it looks kinda unpleasant.

New York Times film critic Bosley Crowther wrote: “The film is of questionable worth as a document for mass instruction in the political facts of Germany. For the emphasis in this picture is so heavily upon the ‘Hitler gang’ and upon the inside intrigues by which it gained and held its power, that the impression conveyed is that these leaders are entirely responsible for the Nazi state….’The Hitler Gang’ is cut very much to the pattern of some of our early and better gangster films….Paramount has taken a popular though misleading line in treating National Socialism in the elementary terms of an American gang. It means that the grave responsibility of the German citizens for what they have allowed has been neatly tossed onto the shoulders of a few ruffians, Army officers and industrialists.” (from TCM website)


Follow this link to see the film: https://ok.ru/video/1294600768144



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