Moorman twins & Normandy

If you have been over to the University Counsel’s office in Walsh-Ellett Hall in Sewanee, you have seen probably the portrait of the Moorman twins from the early 1930s. (I’ll load an image of it when I get back over there next). I wonder if you know, as I didn’t until recently, their tragic connection with D-Day? According to the Sewanee MagazineĀ (March 1973) p. 5:

Lily Belknap (Mrs. Charles) Moorman of Louisville left $225,000 to the University in memory of twin sons who intended to enter but never matriculated. The boys went into the army directly from prep school and died a few days and a few miles apart in the operation for a Normandy beachhead in 1944.

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 7.13.43 AM.png

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