What hidden scorn you must have for yourself

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Marcus Vinicius: That beggar-faced philosopher shouldn’t be filling your luscious little head with nonsense.
Lygia: How could I expect you to understand?
MV: I wish you were a slave as I first thought! I would have offered a price for you, a king’s ransom for a king’s daughter!
L: And taken me to your estates in Sicily! With all the others?
MV: On a special ship.

L: What a way for a conqueror to win a woman, to buy her like an unresisting beast. What false security you must have in your heart and soul, in your manhood, Marcus Vinicius! What hidden scorn you must have for yourself.

From Quo Vadis (1951), with Deborah Kerr and Robert Taylor, which we discussed today in my Classics in Cinema class. A serious bit of sexual harrassment, but one of my students thought Lygia’s response was the greatest burns she had ever witnessed in any film ever.

About Uncomely and Broken

I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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