I’ll be blasting you

“Man, you have been BLASTING it lately,” said a friend of mine the other day about the proliferation of posts over the past few days. Inspired by Marie Kondo’s life-changing magic of tidying up, I’ve been tidying up my laptop, and hence posting things I had in various desktop files onto this blog. The result has been what my sons would call a crap-ton of new posts, mostly boring things but stuff I’d still like to hold on to them in some way (this may be un-Kondo-esque of me, but eh).

One of the things that’s been so interesting, of course, has been discovering how many of these files that were created in versions of Word no longer can be opened. The Text Edit function still lets me retrieve some of them, sans most formatting. So, as I’ve been Kondo-izing, I figure I’d better grab what still can be opened with Text Edit before that option too, in this brave new world of information accessibility, goes the way of the dodo.

Of course, I have no trust that, in a few years’ time, even these things I’ve uploaded to the internet will be available. All things are transitory.

“I’ll Be Blasting You” was the sign-off line from Major Mudd, a local Boston kid’s show from the 60s that I watched with goofy devotion throughout my boyhood. His schtick was that he was an astronaut who flew around in the “Nervous 1,” hung out with robots, and showed cartoons and clips of Lassie. It was great. His sign-off line even had its own song:


“With an I and a B and a B and a Y
Means ‘I’ll Be Blasting You!’
We’ll take a trip In a rocket ship
Up in the sky so blue!
With Major Mudd
In the Nervous One
Means lots of fun for you–
With an I and a B and a B and a Y
Means ‘I’ll Be Blasting YOUUUUU!'”

Who remembers Major Mudd now? There are a few clips to be seen on Youtube, a few nostalgic articles in online sites dedicated to retro-Bostoniana, but mostly he exists as a dim memory of that Kennedy-era Space Age when the Future was so NOW that you watched it after school everyday in wide-eyed wonder. But the Major has slipped betimes away, as the Future has been swallowed up by newer Futures to be swallowed up in their turn, world without end and Word without access, amen, amen.

About Uncomely and Broken

I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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