Floridiana, December 2015

I75 observations
Free world not slave world end whale slavery
Rv all brown why? Fun and sassy stripes. Yet no driver of an TV looks fun or sassy. i75’s greatest mystery.
Pilot exit 460– truckers tshirts: I get past to haul your load not take your crap! Also a hat– I was hauling before you were crawling.
Will we be able to get fireworks at this exit? Oh yes.
Suwanee– how I hate it ya
So many anti-Abortion billboards
18 days after “con-cep-tion”– why the hyphens? 1-800-848-LOVE. I must call to find out.

Dong Fang on a truck. So, I know that Dong Fang means East, as is dong fang hong, “The East is Red”–the company is based in Hong Kong; he pink dolphin is a creature especially associated with the waters of Hong Kong. Perhaps this is the message of the logo?


O’Leno State Park. What kinda name?  Some Irish-Ialian amalgam. In fact, there’s an interesting story here. According to the historical marker onsite, the town was called “keno,” after the bingo-esque game of chance. Attempting to incorporate later on, the town was denied official status by the postal service due to the association with gambling, so they changed the name to Leno. Concerned authorities were evidently unaware that leno is Latin for “pimp.” In time Old Leno became O’Leno.

We Bare All
Piknik mayo truck
Inverness– mamas “kuntry kafe” for real

Citrus high school -2 home of the Hurricanes, unironic
Tavares? Band from here?

Seen in Inverness: Mama’s Kuntry Kafe. All the online reviews look good, but man, the name. By contrast, the Little Flower Shop next door seems to have the right idea.  

About Uncomely and Broken

I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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1 Response to Floridiana, December 2015

  1. JGW says:

    Now you’re obligated to start a rock band and call it Dong Fang.

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