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Busy days in Trastevere! Arrived in time for the passagietta, and an open air screening of Grand Budapest Hotel in Piazza Cosimato, part of the local cinemal festival that’s been going on every night all summer. IN a few day’s … Continue reading

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Dura! Up and Around Vesuvio

After some pointless rearranging of seats, the minibus left more or less promptly at 10 am from Pompei to Vesuvius. “In twenty minutes it ascends 1000 metres,” says the brochure, and I believe it. Up the tortous, narrow, and busy … Continue reading

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Around Napoli

Its been a long day in Naples, up to the Capodimonte museum, to see some incredible works of art– although the air conditioning was out! So, a museum full of masterpieces in 90 degree heat. Some amazing pieces though, including … Continue reading

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Photos of Oplontis    


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Circumvesuviana: Garibaldi to Pompei Scavi

Mid-July in Naples is lush and beautiful and humid and brutal. Some scenes from the local train connecting the city to points south.        The female faces here are wonderful–the woman in pearls in back kept up a steady … Continue reading

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High Hosey

The other day I asked my wife whether she had ever used the expression “high hosey,” as in “High hosey the front seat.” It means, in essence, to reserve or “call dibs on” something. Although she grew up in a … Continue reading

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Interview with Chrigel Glanzmann of Eluveitie

Below is an exchange I had recently with Chrigel Glanzmann, the lead singer of Eluveitie, the Swiss folk metal band on whose work I’m writing I’ve written an essay (comparing it to Charles Gleyre’s “The Romans Going Under the Yoke”).  … Continue reading

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