Veni Vidi Juicy

So, discovered at the market yesterday is the fact that the northern Italian river Caesar crossed in 49 BC to instigate the Civil War and shatter the political stability of his day is now the name of a British fruit drink.  From the FAQs on the company website: “Q. Why call the company Rubicon? Rubicon has had a special meaning ever since a young and ambitious Julius Caesar made a major commitment and – against the Senate’s orders – decided to cross the river Rubicon between Gaul and Italy. This action was the first step in what eventually led to the creation of his Roman Empire. Like Caesar, our company’s founders took a big risk and ‘crossed the Rubicon’. By leaving their safe jobs and founding the company, they took a decisive, irrevocable step. There was no going back… And we’re so glad they didn’t!”

Ah, yes, one can easily see the parallel once it’s explained, can’t one?  Further evidence once again of the benefits to businessmen of a classical education.  My internet meanderings have also turned up a Caesar Juice from Saudi Arabia that I have not as yet found in a British market, though it’s fair to say that I will be searching for it. Just for the record, Rubicon juice is really tasty but, all in all, I prefer the unpretentious packaging of “Mr. Juicy.”

About Uncomely and Broken

I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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