Zoom Chat at Sugarland 95 conference Sept 10, 2021

Me to Everyone (11:58 AM)


Chris McDonough

University of the South

Sewanee, TN


Stephen Garrett


Mine 21


Steven Hoelscher to Everyone (11:58 AM)

Wow! Amazing!

Shun Foreman to Everyone (11:59 AM)

It started with an exceptional statement.

Michael Hardy to Everyone (11:59 AM)

Powerful documentary!

reign clark to Everyone (11:59 AM)

Very powerful and unfortunately extremely familiar to our research in Texas.

Chassidy Olainu-Alade to Everyone (11:59 AM)

Very powerful

Hanna Kim to Everyone (12:00 PM)

Thank you for that film. I got chills all the way through!

Marilyn Moore to Everyone (12:01 PM)

Indescribable! A picture speaks a thousand words!

Shun Foreman to Everyone (12:01 PM)

So much power. Compact, but so thoughtful in humanizing everyone.

Lora Wildenthal to Everyone (12:01 PM)

I was curious about the interviewee’s father.

Hanna Kim to Everyone (12:02 PM)

Can’t wait to watch the full feature!

Emily Lampert to Everyone (12:02 PM)

The film was fantastic, extremely captivating – particularly the shot of the police car and the Confederate flag, followed by the analysis of the power dynamic in the stockade photo.

reign clark to Everyone (12:04 PM)

I thought the score was very effective.

Alex Lichtenstein, Indiana Univ. to Everyone (12:08 PM)

I do wonder if we can know, for sure, that the prisoner at the stockade was about to be punished. Could he have been a trusty, for instance?

Chassidy Olainu-Alade to Everyone (12:15 PM)

Have you considered augmented reality?

Virginia Thomas to Everyone (12:17 PM)

https://southerndocumentaryfund.org/ –you might be aware of this, but here is a resource that may be useful to you.

Camille Westmont to Everyone (12:22 PM)

Hi! We are definitely considering augmented reality at Lone Rock. I am currently working on other types of remote sensing which will hopefully take place this winter. Right now we need a better view of the landscape as a whole (eg guard towers, auxiliary structures) before we apply for funding for that

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I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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