Letter to Sen. Alexander re Bolton

Dear Senator Alexander,

The information from John Bolton’s forthcoming book reported in the New York Times and elsewhere makes the compelling case that the Senate MUST call him as a witness in the Senate’s ongoing impeachment trial of President Trump.

It may be necessary to call others as well, but you owe it to the nation to hear from Bolton before you cast your vote.

Look, I understand that all of this seems like some kind of political game, and that Democrats are simply looking to further their political agenda while Republicans preserve their own. I am certain that, on a personal level, you think Donald Trump is a distasteful boor who should not be holding the highest office in the land but, somehow, managed it, and so the democratic process needs to be respected.
But the impeachment is part of that democratic process, too, and it deserves to be respected as well. You know Bolton is not a liberal, not a Never-Trumper, not a shill of the Democratic Party. You ought to listen to him.
Please, be a Profile in Courage.
Yours sincerely,
Christopher M. McDonough

About Uncomely and Broken

I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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