Open Letter about GSA to Kevin and CleiJo

Dear CleiJo and Kevin,
Quite a few people have come up to me in the last month and said, Aren’t you glad you’re not on the school board anymore? I usually smile and nod, but in my heart, I’m sorry not to be there anymore. I’ve always considered my time serving the county to be among the most important things I have done, even when–and perhaps especially when–it was not easy. It’s not easy now, I know, as you consider the GSA at Franklin County High School. I wonder if I could tell you my thoughts, as someone who served along the both of you during other difficult moments?
Let me say, though, that I’m sorry I can’t be at tonight’s meeting. In fact, I am in Washington DC with my wife and sons. Our spring breaks line up this year, and we thought the boys ought to see the nation’s capital. Today we are going to some of the museums, and will make our way in the evening to the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a favorite site of mine, one all Americans should visit at some point, a place to reflect on what our nation means to us.
I know there are candidates running against both of you this August, and they will hold you accountable for your votes on the extracurricular clubs. But you know as well as I do that you were not elected to get rid of these clubs. And you know as well as I do that getting rid of the clubs is a bad thing for the students of the county.
But let’s get to the heart of the matter. The GSA may not be to your liking, or maybe it is– I don’t know where you stand on the matter. But the fact is that these students are among the most vulnerable members of our community, and their rights need to be protected. Yes, you might very well lose your seat this August for defending the GSA. But if people like you do not stand up for them, who will?
Again, it pains me not to be at tonight’s meeting, which I am sure will not be pleasant. But, as my family and I are at the Lincoln Memorial this evening, you will be in my thoughts. Best of luck, my friends!

Chris McDonough

Former School Board Representative

Franklin County TN 5th District

About Uncomely and Broken

I am a classicist in Sewanee, Tennessee.
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5 Responses to Open Letter about GSA to Kevin and CleiJo

  1. slang12 says:

    A strong and admirable statement–thank you.
    Susanna Lang

  2. Kiki Beavers says:

    Good job

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. nogsa says:

    Vulnerable members of the community? Are you referring to the homosexual activists from the university or from.out of state? Maybe your referring to the founders of the club… The one that sexually assaulted his younger brother or maybe the one from New York? Who exactly are the vulnerable members of the community?

    • The national statistics about violence against LGBTQ students can be found at the CDC website here:
      You should really look at this. “According to data from Youth Risk Behavior Surveys (YRBS) conducted during 2001‒2009 in seven states and six large urban school districts, the percentage of LGB students (across the sites) who were threatened or injured with a weapon on school property in the prior year ranged from 12% to 28%.”
      As to allegations about criminal activity, I suggest you go to the police rather than making anonymous accusations on a comment section of a blog.

      • nogsa says:

        You are right about the violence in the homosexual community. Homosexuals do have a history of domestic violence. That’s to be expected with the mentally I’ll.

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